Next Life...connecting

Over a year ago, I purchased 5 garbage bags of used clothing for $25. I promised to give new life to 441 total garments. Other projects have come and gone, and this work continues.

I took 4 to a community printing party, and they found a second life with new imagery. I took 10 more into my own closet, and made 2 gathering bags from nylon running shorts. The plastic bags I was using to collect plants for dyeing were getting torn up on thorns and branches. These new tougher bags will last, and are just the right size for the amount of plant material I can carry. Making weed-guards from 4 pairs of shorts sewn into a square, with a center opening will protect young trees from water and nutrient thieves nearby.


Next Life: Project 2, kids flag printing project

After giving Kristine Lendved 73 t-shirts to make into her fabulous hats,  that left 358 garments. I designed and created a back-to school project for the kids at St. John's Lutheran Church. The theme for Rally Day is "All Are Welcome, All Together". It celebrates the inclusivity of our community, and how we can accomplish much more learning (and fun) in a group environment.

all are welcome

Using the light-colored and white pant legs, I cut rectangular shapes, then stitched a strip of brighter colored fabric as a sleeve and tie to secure it to a bamboo stake. I used approximately 6 pairs of pants and pieces of 3 shirts for this, and kept all the scraps in a bag to be used in the future. Foam letters glued right side down to a piece of insulation made easy stamps. I printed a few so the kids would have an idea of what to do and packed up all the supplies needed. Two of the Sunday school teachers took over from there. They were placed on the Church lawn that Sunday, and after service, each child could pick their own flag to decorate.  The kids printed the flags that Sunday, and will put them out on the lawn next Sunday.