My First Real Residency!

I'm thrilled to be invited to Anderson Center for the Arts for a two-week time for intense creative work! I'll be dedicating the first two weeks in May to continuing the Inclusion/Exclusion series. I'm looking forward to the use of an etching press, the extensive outdoor grounds for wandering, and the inspiration of a diverse cohort of artists.

For several years, I've designated a 2-3 week period every summer to focus on a specific project, such as exploring natural dye. These happened at my summer studio and home in northern Wisconsin. However, I still had visitors, family, and my 2 dear old kitties to distract me. This time, I will be alone, and yet together with the musicians, writers, and a few other visual artists I have yet to meet.

Since this is a very special gift of time and space, I will be offline for the most part. Look for a report later in May!

For more information about artist residencies, see here.