5 best natural dye books

Last month I wrote about the 5 best natural dyes that were identified at the 10ISS conference in Oaxaca. Here's the five best natural dye books that address the chemistry, sustainability, and beauty of plant and insect dyes, suggested at a panel discussion of experienced dyers:

1. Jim Liles, the Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing, Traditional Recipes for Modern Use.

2. Jenny Dean, Wild Color.

3. Jo Kirby, Natural Dyes

4. Diane Epp, The Chemistry of Natural Dyes.

5. Dominique Cardon, Natural Dyes

*Note that this list does not include any references to Eco-printing, a technique that infuses materials with pigments from plant materials. The above list refers to natural dyes that are used for coloring yarns and yardage.

In addition, I'd like to add here some other resources for anyone interested in natural dyes:

1. Catharine Ellis' blog. She is our guru of North American natural dyes. Catharine teaches and travels internationally in order to gather as much information as she can, and is eager to share.

2. Michel Garcia'sworkshops and instructional videos

3. Turkey Red Journal